08. August 2018
What are the current trends in crypto-innovations? My Untitled-INC fellow Thomas Euler analyses that http://www.untitled-inc.com: https://roughnotes.thomaseuler.de/2018/08/06/untangling-the-different-crypto-innovation-streams-cryptoconscious-5/ #blockchain #tokenization #cryptoassets
01. August 2018
Read on Cointelegraph.com and on Hackernoon.com
15. May 2018
Link here to post https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6402107399473229824
09. May 2018
Why we should not listen to Buffet https://cointelegraph.com/news/why-we-shouldnt-listen-to-warren-buffet-expert-take https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-05-09/why-we-shouldnt-listen-warren-buffett
09. May 2018
The Calm before the storm https://www.ccn.com/opinion-calm-before-the-storm-the-coming-crackdown-on-icos/
16. April 2018
Malta issues a new test law to identify when tokens are securities https://www.coindesk.com/malta-proposes-test-to-define-when-icos-are-securities/
05. April 2018
ICOs have become overly expensive - rumors are $1m listing fees - compared with $125.000 avg. listing fees for IPO. It is other peopleĀ“s money anyway.... see article here
05. April 2018
Despite the hype, quick-buck schemes and plain scams, ICOs continue to beat by far crowdfunding and VC. - Failure to raise capital 2017 14%, 2018 so far 24% (double more difficult than one year before) but still much better that crowdfunding with a 64% failure rate. - Failure to achieve operational traction in first year 18% compared with VC/Crowdfunding sector at 60% to 70%. Not bad at all for the so much denigrated ICOs. see article here
04. April 2018
The NVCA (National Venture Capital Ass) has recently incorporated specific covenants regarding veto rights for ICOs in their standard contract model as follows: "Crypto-Currency/Blockchain Protective Provision: A new protective blocking right has been added to the model Certificate of Incorporation document to provide investors a veto over token, crypto-currency and block chain related offerings given that the pre-existing veto rights did not clearly apply to or cover these new types of offers"
04. April 2018
For the ICOs there are challenges ahead and they are in the crosshair of regulators. I will discuss the "Future of ICOs" at a panel on April 26th at the Blockchain Summit Frankfurt http://blockchainsummitfrankfurt.com/ In this article I examine what the future for the sector may look like. https://medium.com/@andreabianconi/the-future-of-icos-16d14d0f8a29 #ico #token #coin #tokenization

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