Can the EU still win the tokenization race?

Recent activity of EU legislators in the blockchain space is a good sign. But we shouldn´t lose sight of reality. So, how is the EU doing when we look at hard data and compare it with its biggest adversaries? It is not the EU rather losing the most prized of all races, that for the tokenization of assets and securities? See here who really leads the trillion $/€ tokenization race. Decisive action is now needed in the EU. Untitled INC - Distributed Economy Think Tank & Ventures hashtagEUBlockchain hashtagBlockchainEURoundtable Eva A. Kaili Pēteris Zilgalvis Bjorn-Soren Gigler hashtagceeblock Antanas Guoga Sorin Cristescu hashtagblockchain hashtagtokens hashtagtokenization hashtagcrypto hashtagfunding